Apr. 5th, 2006

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Wouldn't it figure that the day I got tickets to see the Daily Show with my husband (no, not the blond, my *real* husband, Mr. Stewart) I have to give a presentation at a local event where I work. Arrrgggh, grrr...

There are times I truly miss New York. I will always be, to an extent, a tried and true New York Jew with a bagel in one hand and the Times crossword in the other. However, the accent (of which I was famed in law school) is departing, I am actually believing pizza here is "real" pizza, and I can't recall the last time I smelled urine on the street.

I was able to transfer my love for the Mets (had a picture of Lenny Dykstra up on my wall through high school), to the Sox and it is nice to have sections of Boston that feel like home to me in a way that no place in New York ever did. I go to more concerts and peruse more bookstores then I ever did back in NY. Plus, well, there were other things I found in Boston, that I am not quite sure I would have found in NY in the same way....

I guess the thought that I would be going back *home* to NY for the Daily Show, made me wonder about my transient definition of home and even made me miss the unmistakable odor in the NY subways.
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The blond has been gone but an hour and I already miss him.


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