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Does anyone have a recommendation for a good bank where there is no minimum amount to open a checking account and they don't assess fees to maintain said account?

If the blond and I put aside fifty dollars a month into said account, I figure we can put a down payment on a house in the year 2080. By then I will need a ranch because my walker will prohibit me using steps.

However, every little bit helps.

LJ Query

Nov. 1st, 2003 12:48 pm
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Does anyone know how to add an amazon wishlist to your LJ userinfo page?


Oct. 28th, 2003 02:37 pm
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The blond is coming with me to the Diesel!!!

And tonight I am judging a moot court competition at my law school alma mater.

How cool am I!
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So just so you baseball fans know, the blond and I are ready....!

The Red Sox offensive is so beautiful when it comes together.

Okay, I am back to being a David Ortiz fan again.
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We interrupt our regularly scheduled travelogue to seek the following advice.

I am planning on purchasing a car soon. I am looking for an economy vehicle. I have always driven Toyota Corollas but am dismayed but the "light" feeling of the car when driving. I am looking for something similar but perhaps a bit heavier.

Cars I am looking at:

1. Toyota Corolla
2. Toyota Camrey
3. Mazda Protege
4. Volkswagon Jetta (which seems a bit out of my price range)
5. Honda Accord

I would love any tips re the following:

1. Suggestions for buying a car; what to look for, what not to.
2. Anecdotal stories about any cars you have liked or disliked and why
3. How to you determine what you should actually pay; the blue book value or the true market value? How do you determine?
4. Any other things that you think are important.

Thanks so much.

We return to our travelogue soon.
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Is [ profile] rantfaery who I think it is?

Was I recently at her house playing video games with her sexy husband?
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Another new friend!!!

Do I know you, Finubala? We have a lot of friends in common. Have we ever met?
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I had someone add me to their "friends" list. Do I know [ profile] wolfwoman?
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It's weird to feel this powerless.

I will write this for starters and see where it leads me.

The blond, his family, best friend and I went to see the 4th of July fireworks at the esplanade. His best friend showed up at 4:30 a.m. and the blond and I showed up at 6:30 a.m. This was the first year it was shown on network TV. Herein lies the rub.

They changed the format, made longer intermissions, and generally fucked with the show. Okay, this was annoying but fairly expected with a newtwork tv audience (the tv audience counts more than the "real" one does).

However, they changed the format of the show to appeal to middle America---to obtain ratings and unfairly skew perceptions of what the 4th celebration is like.

In short, they turned a secular holiday into a Christian one. Rather than a full panopoly of patriotic and/or show tunes with maybe one "choral" song in there, the show led off an operatic song (which no one understood as it wasn't in English) and then continued with a Jesus number ("Ride on King Jesus"). Then the Pops invited "The Mormon Tabernacle Choir" to sing with them (almost every song!) including several faith based numbers. They even sang to the 1812 Overture (which is normally an instrumental) which is a song about the Russians defeating Napoleon in 1812, and have the Choir sing their own Christian lyrics to it completely changing the whole meaning and significance of the song. The blond, being a historian, is still cringing.

The featured singer was LeAnn Rimes. Now, I have nothing against her either (beautiful voice, but bubblegum lyrics) but she, too, is a cross over from Christian rock. Obviously, she and the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, were meant to appeal to middle America. Christian middle America. Maybe me and my Jewish ass should just go home and stop infecting real America with my criticism.

The big disappointment is all of these "featured singers" and their singing, made the show not about the Pops. In fact, the Pops became the back up band. So, how did the "real audience" react? They hated it. The blond has been to the esplanade since 1981 so trust me he knows, and both of us could feel the disappointment that people felt that the 4th had been stolen by other groups, middle America groups, that have no connection to Boston, nor do they care to perform for "us", but rather the network audience.

Then the fireworks. Would you believe two of the songs which the fireworks exploded to, were songs the Pops (et al) had played earlier in the evening? Shouldn't someone be checking on that? And one of them was even a "popular" song, so there was really no need to duplicate. However, the network audience never noticed a thing, because that song was not replayed for them.

So, the blond and I bitterly complained (I even almost cried, this day was exhausting and my disappointment was palpable) and we waited for the "objective" reviews by the Globe.

"It was the best Pops Fourth in Years" the title decried. Was this writer at the same concert I was? "It was just a big buildup to the fireworks". Are they kidding? People in the oval cannot see the fireworks clearly (they are hidden by trees) so if the fireworks were all anyone cared about, why the wait since 1:00 AM seating time the prior day. Bullshit.

I can handle a bad performance, bad choices in singers and in songs. Everyone makes mistakes. However, what I can't handle is a very obvious fictional recounting of an event I was actually at. And, the more this is played up, the more likely this kind of crap will repeat itself next year. The solution for me is not to stay home. That defies a tradtion that the blond and his family have followed for over twenty years, the solution for me is to figure out the right way to handle this.

Editors note:

Please know, the reason I was so offended by this was not because I am Jewish despite my earlier comment. My Jewish sensibilities have long been assimilated to the point that I am used to this type of thing. I feel, as does the blond (who is not Jewish) that on the nation's biggest holiday we should not be injecting it with religion, given our alleged separation of church and state. I realize that many of our patriotic songs have "god" in them, and this, while irksome, does not bother me as much as the addition of even more religious songs, to tip the balance and make this a religious, rather than secular, concert. "You should not have to be a Christian to celebrate the birth of this country." ---the blond


Jun. 19th, 2003 11:35 am
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Okay, so the blond and I were going to go to a restaurant in Salem for my birthday this evening. However, it is closed.

So, I would love some recommendations.

I am looking for a funky, and/or romantic restaurant (ambience is very important) with good food, preferably non asian. Can anyone make any suggestions? Money and location are secondary (hey, it is my birthday, I can say that right???)
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last night was just awesome...totally awesome....

Played tennis with the blond. We both sucked, but me more so than he. At least he serves overhand :-) I was too scared to try. It was fun though. So, anyone who ever wants to play tennis, our place has a tennis court and we would love guests to play doubles with (if you are into fun, noncompetitive play. A pool for afterwards too.

And sushi afterwards. I think I ate almost thirty peices. Bitsutecki (spelling) on rte 60 offers all you can eat sushi. Its good sushi, not great, and it is not that expensive. I ate way too much. Sushi good, tummyache bad
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Highlights from Saturday:

* Games, games, games
* Tacos, Fajitas, and good eaters
* Yet another gorgeous man I can rope into the kitchen to cook for me :-) That's two!
* Tales of a certain person having "coaching sessions" with Starcraft (Starcrack)
* Getting my ass severely kicked at Boggle
* A yummy, yet surprisingly waxy apple pie
* Good chats
* Finding out you have a patterns of stealing friends
* Implementing that pattern at 2AM with a friend of the blond's who now is "our" friend.
* A very lovely neck kiss by a certain fiend
* Carcassone H&G that I get to show the blond how to play.

Whhoo hoot
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I finally broke down and made a doctor's appointment for myself today. Hopefully she will tell me I am on my way to better health, but not sure that will be the case.

I actually found a spot at the Wakefield commuter rail station this morning. Hurrah! There were a couple of spots still left even at 7:45. Thus, I think this will be my new mode of travel. It is just too annoying any other way. And using the blond's shortcut it only took me ten minutes (or so) to drive there. Hurray again!

It would figure to be a wet, rainy day when I am wearing a silk shirt and nice suit in which to interview. Sigh. And a walk over to a place that is really not T accessible. Oh the joys of being gross and sweaty for an interview!

I am so looking forward to this weekend. Most of all, to sleep for a bit. And, last night I received a mysterious Amazon package (the UPS person left us that nice sticky note on the door, so it wasn't actually delivered but still....) I don't know if it is for me or the blond (hopefully me!) but I am so psyched. Yay! I love wish lists!

Nothing much more to report tod
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So...for all of you who chose Seattle as my vacation destination...

What would you suggest to do in Seattle? I am open to anything...
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I feel horribly that I missed the going away party last night. If the hosts read my LJ, please accept my deepest apologies. I didn't feel well and felt it was best that I not spread the germs around.

I will miss the hosts a lot too.
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So, if you (everyone out there in LJ land) had a choice between vacationing in Seattle or Disneyworld in August, which would you choose and why?

Read more... )
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I am going to miss my Buffy group.

We laughed.
We debated.
We ate.
We even saved the world (or in this case, an ice cream container from tipping over)

A lot.
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The Matrix was a music video whose plot lines were derived from the worst kind of philosophy text out there. I wanted a red pen and the script more than anything. I won't give any more than that away, but it disappointed me, especially since it was the first film I have seen in a while.

That is really all I have to say. That and the fact I have a bunch of good job stuff coming up. I have been down this road before but at least one of the job possibilities is in Salem (my dream location).
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I have made all my past journal entries friends only...

I think given the way LJ has grown and how many people can access it that I don't even know are reading it, I would prefer to be able to make sure my past posts are friends only.

I am happy to add friends so please let me know if you are reading this and want to "be my friend". I will still be posting publicly (most of my posts will be this way) but I want to make sure anything I wrote in the past stays within my control (of knowing who has access to it).

Tbank you [ profile] queue You rock!!!
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