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Query for all you with iphones...

I want to sync my iphone with my outlook calendar, contacts etc., on my work computer.

However, I want to sync my iphone with my home computer to transfer music.

I have looked online and can't find anything but some hacking advice, which is just not my area of expertise (as simple as it may appear to others)

When I attempt to go into the applications section of the Iphone on Itunes, it does not allow me to select just certain features to transfer and even if it did, since both my computers have outlook, it merely replaces my outlook at work with my outlook at home.

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Does anyone know who knot_frayed is?

He or she added me as a friend.
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Tomorrow my boss is not in. As there is nothing that I have not already submitted to her for review, I am resorting to beggging you all to entertain me. I am borrowing a page from [ profile] daizeymazey here for this plea:

Tell me something! Ask me anything! Leave a picture or a website (extra points for work safe)! Tell me what you're making for dinner! Something! Help!

I'll screen comments and answer everything and be very grateful.
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Rachel standing over the sink washing dishes: Hey, I actually made a meal for you today. I made lunch.

Loud, dish cracking sounds from sink

The Blond: Yep, you certainly did.
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I just cried my way through the Showtime special on gay marriage in Massachusetts. They profiled the gay marriage debate.

And who do I see, right on TV on this Showtime special, but [ profile] mud_puppy and [ profile] mattlistener entering into Cambridge City Hall. They are both dressed in rainbows and wearing beaming smiles.

I love my friends. I just do.
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I have a fever. Sorry 'bout the game. Just couldn't help tonight.
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Happy birthday [ profile] harlequinaide. I know you dread this time of year but it is a much better world for you being in it.
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The blond has been gone but an hour and I already miss him.
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Wouldn't it figure that the day I got tickets to see the Daily Show with my husband (no, not the blond, my *real* husband, Mr. Stewart) I have to give a presentation at a local event where I work. Arrrgggh, grrr...

There are times I truly miss New York. I will always be, to an extent, a tried and true New York Jew with a bagel in one hand and the Times crossword in the other. However, the accent (of which I was famed in law school) is departing, I am actually believing pizza here is "real" pizza, and I can't recall the last time I smelled urine on the street.

I was able to transfer my love for the Mets (had a picture of Lenny Dykstra up on my wall through high school), to the Sox and it is nice to have sections of Boston that feel like home to me in a way that no place in New York ever did. I go to more concerts and peruse more bookstores then I ever did back in NY. Plus, well, there were other things I found in Boston, that I am not quite sure I would have found in NY in the same way....

I guess the thought that I would be going back *home* to NY for the Daily Show, made me wonder about my transient definition of home and even made me miss the unmistakable odor in the NY subways.
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Someday I will marry Jon Stewart, but also have a number of torrid sexual encounters with Bill Maher. I love my men brainy. Give me intelligence, wit, and a sense of humor and I am a puddle.
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One of the kids in my discussion section told me she was losing her morality in my class. I couldn't do anything but grin. My work here is done.
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Let's try this again...

My computer has been acting funny for the past two weeks. I have been getting ads on my computer that Ad Aware hasn't been able to get rid of. I updated my virus protection. Then I added a firewall.

Some help, but not much.

At this time, when I opened my internet it led me to the Microsoft page and said that Millenium had several updates that for years I had ignored. Hoping that this would aid me, I downloaded the first, which was supposed to be a software program designed to improve the program.

I downloaded it and then rebooted. My computer refused to reboot for several minutes saying it couldn't find the drives. When I finally got it to boot, it reads this new program as hardware versus software (which makes no sense to me) and says that it doesn't have the drivers to use this. I decided that this was ridiculous and I know want to get rid of whatever I have installed on my computer. I went to add/remove programs and it is not there and I can't figure out how else to remove it.

Does this help?
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Anyone have any good recommendations for inns with a romantic setting, a four poster bed, perhaps a jacuzzi for me???
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I got contact lenses!!!!
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I can not thank everyone enough for their outpouring of support.

I feel very loved.
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It amazes me, sometimes, the gap between mid twenties and early thirties. The gap may be only two or three years, but it makes such a difference.
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Clerkship, Disney, Dimplebottoms, Buffy demise, Same Sex Marriage, RSI, Anne Bishop, New Parties, Shrub, Live Journal friends, "Blond" happiness, sushi.
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It was a repeat. And next week, no new episode.

What am I supposed to do with my life now???

::suggestions taken::???

BTW: Getting a life is not an acceptable answer
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And it is amazing news.

Same sex marriage is allowed in the state of Massachusetts!!!!

Line up folks.

More detailed analysis to follow.
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The SJC will be handing down its decision in the same sex marriage case Goodridge v. Department of
Public Health in approximately forty minutes.

*crosses fingers*

Let them do the right thing.
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